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2D Animation

Getting your story acted and built in the best way.


2d Animation with Invex Designs ?

The fastest growing IT Solutions Provider gets you impeccable 2D Animation Services – Go Beyond Boundaries.

Successful 2D Animation are based on compelling characters to get the story across which are then cross checked with characters development that can speak, demonstrate the product and service your business is based on.

Invex Designs in the field of 2D Animation is a trend setter and with its professional team gives you the possibility to make the impact needed for your business.

2d Animation  Service

Our services linked to 2D Animation Services include the following.


Explainer Animated Videos

Affordable service for explainer animated videos that still portray proficiency and character which can deliver out complex messages in the simplest manner.

product demo Videos

Product Demo Videos

Now displaying your product via videos can be made easier with our team of experts giving you the needed edge and delivery mechanism.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Promo Videos are essential for launching a new product or service and we successfully combine the marketing know-how with visual effects and creativity for you.

Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding Videos

Need your campaign to be successful then look no further as our experts help create a landscape so that you can integrate other platforms.

Advertising Reels

Advertising Reels

Marketing practices are fruitful when the advert campaign is effective, you can choose InvexDesigns for advertising reel services and be on the go.

Cartoon And Film Editing

Cartoon And Film Editing

Need somebody to get your animations or films edited? Well look no further as we take pride in the services, we offer which are industry competent.


The Freedom of   2D Animation

2D animation is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds. The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time.

How does our 2D Animation Services Work

We specialize in the market for our expertise in 2D Designing and using our learnings to compose an approach that works best for your business.

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Ideation and Strategy

Design and Development

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Reflect with your Business

Complete Final Hand Over

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Testing & Launch

Create Realistic

Get more Personal with the
2D Design Experience Invex Design Offers

2D Animation

Build Character

Our 2D Design Services working Elements

We review the task and seek the most important thing about you, which gives us the ground to focus on that. Sometimes, it’s easy to find that one thing. Maybe you’ve already found it. Sometimes it’s really hard to uncover, and that’s where we shine.

Our 2D Services help build a strong business character for you and we help maintain that with some specialized traits:

Character Designing

2D Object Designing

Special Effects Creation

Sketching Designing

Storyboard Development

Animating Scenes

We Make A Difference

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Our Latest Portfolio for 2D Design

Check out our encapsulating portfolio of different projects we have worked on.

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  • 30 Second Video
  • Storyboard
  • 2D Animation
  • Voice Over
  • Delivery 2 weeks
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  • 60 Second Video
  • Storyboard
  • 2D Animation
  • Voice Over
  • Delivery 3 weeks
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  • 90+ Second Video
  • Storyboard
  • 2D Animation
  • Voice Over
  • Delivery 4 weeks
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Asked Questions

2D, a two-dimensional shape, is a flat plane figure or a body with only two-dimensions, length and width. It does not have the thickness and can be measured in just two faces.
2D animation is no different. 2D Animated Video is a widely used Animated video platform. In 2D animation, all the video features, including characters, objects, and backgrounds, are presented in a two-dimensional flat range.
This depends on your business needs and we have a list of services that may fit your requirement. You can review our services page to get more insight on this.
Depends on the complexity and length of the animation. For context, a 60 second custom animated video takes about 3-6 weeks to produce. Longer content (+20 min TV episodes) can take several months to produce. To figure out how long it will take to create your 2d animated video, get in touch with our team.